Dragonfly Services

Dragonfly Labs is now offering harvest, white labeling & manufacturing services. As Michigan’s top value brand and #1 ranked in pre-rolls, we pass along our experience to help you scale your business at the lowest cost.


Dragonfly can white label your flower into all preroll formats, and your distillate & biomass into branded cartridges, starting at $0.38 to $0.50 each. With a direct supply chain, no one can beat our quality and consistency at lowest cost

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Harvest Dry & Trim

Dragonfly has 40,000 square feet of climate controlled dry space, an experienced crew, and full suite dedicated equipment for drying, trimming, and remediation.
Starting at $30/lb or a 30% split – we customize to your need. Gain two extra greenhouse turns and reduce your harvest labor.

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Clone Sales

Clones tested over three seasons in Michigan’s unique environment, optimized for high water variation, short growing season, and resistance to mold, PM, Septoria, and Michigan specific pests. Advance order required.

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Microbial Remediation

We purchase flower, failed flower, distillate, and biomass. We also offer state of the art proton Radsource remediation for bio-decontamination and to preserve flower terpines and bag appeal. Starting at $100/pound or bundled into our services at a discount.

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